Back in the Saddle

It’s time to practice what I preach.  Technology changes are far too pervasive and occur too rapidly for me to provide everyone at MCS with appropriate, timely information.  For that reason I have decided to dispense with the emails and start putting things in a place where I can simply reference, and you can come back to again and again (as if the site will be that entertaining!)

As with everything else, I invite your feedback and participation on this blog. Without that interaction it becomes difficult to gauge what works and what doesn’t, what you need from me and what you don’t.

Why this theme?

For any of you that have recently been in my office, this theme is pretty close to what my desk looks like all of the time (except for the coffee being on the left side and overall being far too organized). Ok, so it really is nothing like my desk, but I thought it was cool. (thanks Ben for pointing this one out to me). I’m sure that the theme will change numerous times before I setting on how I want this to look, or even function.  The main thing however, is that the information here will remain accessible.

OK, enough of the small talk.. time to get busy so let’s roll! ~P

Where in Michigan?

This is the recording of Mrs. Sill’s 4th grade classroom’s presentation for the Where in Michigan video conference. The “Where in Michigan” collaboration matches four elementary classrooms with one another in Michigan. Each class present clues about where they are in Michigan without revealing where they actually are.

After the presentations, the four classes are then given 30 minutes to research, investigate, and attempt to figure out where the other classrooms are based on the clues provided. It’s a great project that blends many state standards on Michigan, Social Studies, and Technology, including research skills.

Cast: Mattawan EdTech

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