Goodbye Novell!

About this time last year we were finalizing the migration from the old Novell file servers to the new Apple X-Servs as well as in the middle of preparing an email migration from Groupwise to Google Apps.  I don’t really expect anyone to remember, but at that time it was explained to everyone that we were going to be keeping both the old Novell data as well as the old Groupwise email server (and it’s email) up and running for another year.  Let’s talk about each of these individually for a second.


We have been keeping the old email server alive for the past year and it has been accessible via the Groupwise Web Interface.  (Remember that the webmail server is only accessible from campus. You can no longer access it from home). We have kept it going so that you can log into the web email and forward anything that you want to keep to you Gmail Account.  If you want more details on this, look at the old post from back in June of last year.  Now that our Novell licensing has expired we are required to turn this server off and remove all Novell owned software.  This will happen on June 17.  If you still have things on the old mail server that you need please take the time to take care of that prior to the 17th.

Old Novell Data

Last year we archived all of the data form our Novell file servers to our Apple X-Serv environment.  It has been living on Lobo in the Staff->NovellData folder.  If you connect to Lobo (Select Go->Connect To Server from the Finder menu on your Mac

Connect to server

then simply type in “lobo” into the connect to server dialog and click connect.)

Connecting to Lobo

Once connected you will be prompted for the file share to open, choose “Staff”.  Double click on the “NovellData” folder, and you will see folders that represent the old H:, I:, P: and S: drives. You will find your old H: drive in a folder with your name on it in the H-Drive folder. The other drives are exactly what you think they are.










Please do not try to copy the entire contents (except perhaps your H: drive if you haven’t already) to your laptop! This folders contain the entire contents of the old Novell network file servers!

If you are reading this and are confused, asking yourself, “but, I’ve been working in the NovellData folder all year?” STOP! You should not be doing that.  The building secretaries have been working all year moving selected files from the old novell data area to the new Building and Department folders in the Staff area.

Makeup of the "New" Staff network share

Like the Groupwise email server, the “NovellData” folder will be removed from Lobo on June 17th at noon.  This single folder takes up the lion’s share of all the file storage space on our server. We will be archiving this old data when we remove it form the server and storing it off-site for the requisite 7 years required by law.

Hopefully this helps demystify some of these issues.  As usual if you have questions feel free to email me. ~P