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Las expectativas para el blog


Score 1

Score 3

Score 5

Completion of entrada (post)

You posted something in Spanish that you encountered in your daily life like a song, poem, sign, photo, video, but not on time

You posted (on time) something in Spanish that you encountered in your daily life like a song, poem, sign, photo, video

Ability to give details about why you posted what you did.

It’s interesting/my favorite/inspirational because…;

You wrote less than 16-words and it was not specific or varied

You wrote 16-20 words; it lacked details

You wrote at least 25 words explaining why you posted what you posted, or what you liked about your post; it’s specific, varied and effective

Sentence spelling, mechanics, and structure/grammar: accent marks, word choice, punctuation, noun/verb/adjective agreement

There is no evidence of using the diacrtical or puctuation marks; there are noun/verb/adjective agreement errors.

You have several errors regarding sentence structure, grammar, spelling, or punctuation

Your sentence structure is correct with very few grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors.

Completion of comments

Score 1

Score 3

Score 5

Ability to say what you liked about a classmate’s entrada

You only commented on 1 entrada using basic expressions; you were not able to articulate what you liked about the post

You commented on two other entradas but were not able to articulate what you liked about their post; comments weren’t on time

You commented (on time) on 2 other entradas and were able to say specifically what you liked about their posts




  • Blog goes Tuesday to Monday evening.
  • Complete sentences.
  • Correct grammar.
  • Correct spelling. Use the diacratical marks.
  •  Check to see that your links work.

Comment on 2 other posts. If you want to make a comment on a Post and there are already 2 comments, check the other posts to see if there is one without any comments.

Tell us at least one thing about your post that you like or what significance it has for you, but be specific. “Esta es mi canción y es muy buena” is not specific. “Esta es una canción fantástica por Daddy Yankee y me encanta la percusión y la línea donde menciona los nombres de las flores: recogiendo lirios, lauleres, gladiolas, amapolas, margaritas, magnolias, en el monte. Es muy lírica.” (36 words, 26 of them mine; 10 from the song)

You can comment on any grammar or words that stand out to you that are on the sign or label.

Fix any errors, and then send a screen shot of the corrections to regain any lost points. Corrections have to be made within 2 days of getting back the rubric.



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